The entire region of Ladakh has some of the most fascinating treks in the Indian Western Himalayas Our treks range from 2 to 22 days. Our well trained and experienced trekking guides, expert cooks who can rustle up a gourmet meal in the middle of nowhere and our always wanting to please and help camp staff take care of all your needs on your trek. Our sturdy camp equipment is well maintained and can stand up to any adverse weather conditions which are unlikely anyway during the trek season, while providing you the best possible comforts on your trek. Depending on the route you will be accompanied either by dependable porters or sturdy pack ponies who take care of all load carrying tasks. Choose from some of the treks mentioned here or if you have a particular region in mind that you would like to trek in we can design one specifically for you. Mail us for a more detailed list of all our planned treks.

  • DAY 01: Leh - Spituk - Zing Chan (5 hours)
    Early morning drive to Spituk. From here trek west of the Indus river, through a narrow gorge up to the confluence with the Zing Chan river. A gradual ascent through the valley leads to the village of Zing Chan. O/N camp.
  • DAY 02: Zing Chan - Yurutse - Ganda-La base camp (5 hours)
    Gradual ascent through the Zing Chan valley along the Rumbak Nala to reach the village of Rumbak. Continue to the village of Yurutse passing cultivated fields and scattered houses. O/N camp.
  • DAY 03: Ganda-La base camp - Skyu (6 hours)
    Gradual ascent and steep climb to the top of the Ganda-La (4'971m, 15'910ft). Spectacular view of snow-capped Karakoram mountains. Descend steadily to Shingo and then reach the village of Skyu. O/N camp.
  • DAY 04: Skyu - Markha (7 hours)
    Pleasant walk along one of the loveliest sections of the Markha valley. Cross several monasteries high on the hillside above our trail, see stupas and mani walls along the path. O/N camp.
  • DAY 05: Markha - Hankar - Thua Chungtse (5.5 hours)
    From Markha the warm, relatively heavily wooded section of the lower Markha is left behind. THe camp below the two twin villages of Lower and Upper Hankar is distinctly cooler. O/N camp.
  • DAY 06: Thua Chungtse - Nyimaling (3.5 hours)
    From the camp the trail climbs steadily up to the narrow valley. The Nyiamling plain is a broad meadow reaching upwards to the base of the ice-clad Kang-Yatse-La (6'553m, 21'500ft). Summer pastures for yaks, sheep, goats, and horses. Occasionally wild sheep and wolf are spotted on this trek. O/N camp.)
  • DAY 07: Nyimaling
    Time to relax at Nyimaling and enjoy the wonderful scenery. Take a walk to the base camp of Kang-Yatse-La, the highest peak in the Zanskar range. O/N camp.
  • DAY 08: Nyimaling (over Kongmaru-La) - Shang Sumdo (7 hours)
    Climb to the top of Kongmaru-La (5'306m, 17'409ft), spectacular view of the Karakoram range. Steep descent to Martselang valley passing through the famous sulphur springs of Chu-skarmo, reach camp site at Shang Sumdo. O/N camp.
  • DAY 09: Shang Sumdo - Martselang - Hemis (trek 2.5 hours) - Leh
    Easy descent along the Martselang river, reach the village of Martselang where transport is waiting to drive back to Leh. O/N Guesthouse in Leh.

  • DAY 01: Darcha - Palemo (5 hours)
    Early morning start from Darcha camp and easy trek into the valley towards Palemo (3'600m, 11'810ft). On the way, visit the small monasteries of Chika and Rarik. O/N in tent at Palemo camp.
  • DAY 02: Palemo - Zanskar Sumdo (5-6 hours)
    Follow the river on an easy and rocky path which gets wider and wider towards the Zanskar Sumdo camp (3'860m, 12664ft). Enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 03: Zanskar Sumdo - Chumik Nagpo (6 hours)
    Early morning start the trek to Chumik Nagpo (4'655m, 15'272ft): cross the river over a hanging bridge and continue on a challenging path up to the base of Shingo-La (5'090m, 16'700ft) and until the campsite at Chumik Nagpo. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 04: Chumik Nagpo - Shingo-La - Lakhang (6 hours)
    Another day of challenging trekking by crossing the Shingo-La (5'900m, 19'356ft), the highest pass on this trek route. From the top enjoy the fascinating views of the glaciers and peaks. Easy descent over the glacier to Lakhang (4'470m, 14'665ft), a beautiful valley and famous for grazing yaks in the summer. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 05: Lakhang - Kargyak (6 hours)
    Gradually descend along the Kargyak river, observe lots of wild plants and flowers on the way. Cross the massive peak of Gonbo Rang-jon on the right and continue until Kargyak (4'050m, 13287ft) which is the first village of the Lung-Nak valley in the Zanskar area. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 06: Kargyak - Testha (7 hours)
    The Lung-Nak valley gets wider and the trail leads us along meadows of flowers and barley fields to the village of Testha (3'950m, 12'960ft). Chortens (stupas) spread along the way depicting the art work and religious sentiments of the population towards Buddha and his teachings that flourish in the Zanskar valley. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 07: Testha - Purne (3 hours)
    Short trek to Purne (3'700m, 12'139ft). Procees towards Phungtal monastery (3'858m, 12'657ft) perched on the side of an impressive cliff above the river. Trek back to Purne. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 08: Purne - Ichar (5 hours)
    Trek along the river towards Ichar (3'650m, 11'975ft), passing through small Canyons of Pudding stones, Ichar, Hanumi and Surle villages. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 09: Ichar - Mune (5 hours)
    Easy walk up and down along the Tsarap river until Mune (3'900m, 12'795ft). Visit the monastery at Mune. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 10: Mune - Padum (6 hours)
    Trek on the unpaved jeep road towards Padum (3'600m, 11'810ft). On the way visit Bardan of the prominent monasteries of Zanskar. Padum is the only city in Zanskar, there are a few hotels, rstaurants, shops, Govt. offices. Use this opportunity to purchase essential items for the remaining trek ahead. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 11: Padum - Karsha (3 hours)
    Pleasant trek through the fields. On the way visit Pepiting and Karsha monastery. Karsha is the most important monastery in Zanskar, dating back to the 15th century. From Karsha enjoy the beautiful view of the Himalayan range. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 12: Karsha - Pishu (5 hours)
    Walk on flat and barren land along the Zanskar river until the beautiful village of Pishu (3'470m, 11385ft). O/N in tent.
  • DAY 13: Pishu - Hanumil (5 hours)
    Easy trek along the right bank of the river to Rinam village, continue to the tiny hamlet of Hanumil (3'380m, 11089ft). O/N in tent amidst the trees and fields.
  • DAY 14: Hanumil - Purfi-La - Snertse (6 hours)
    Follow up and down a steep path to the Purfi-La (3'950m, 12'959ft), then to Snertse (3'850m, 12'631ft). O/N in tent.
  • DAY 15: Snertse - Hanamur-La - Lingshed (6 hours)
    Steep climb to the Hanamur-La (4'950m, 16'240ft), enjoy the impressive views of the Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. Near Hanamur-La visit the Lingshed monastery (4'000m, 13'123ft). O/N in tent.
  • DAY 16: Lingshed - Netuke-La - Khyupa-La (6 hours)
    Long and gradual ascent to the Netuke-La (4'280m, 14'042ft), enjoy the magnificent view towards the Nierag valley. Descend shortly to the villages of Skimpata and Gongma. Steep climb to the Khyupa-La (4'300m, 14'107ft). O/N in tent.
  • DAY 17: Khyupa-La - Senge-La - Photoskar (6 hours)
    Today climb to yet another pass, the Senge-La (5'050m, 16'568ft) from where you can see an amazing scene of hanging icefalls. Descend towards the Photang river and walk through barley fields to reach Photoskar (4'200m, 13'780ft). O/N in tent.
  • DAY 18: Photoskar - Sirsir-La - Hanupata (6 hours)
    The Photang valley turns into a gorge labyrinth forcing us to make a detour via the Sirsir-La (4'850m, 15'912ft). Three chortens mark Hanupata (3'700m, 12'139ft) and its giant hundred-year old cedar flanked by colourful prayer flags. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 19: Hanupata - Wanla (5 hours)
    Head down towards the Photang valley and climb up to the Phanzi-La (3'410m, 11'188ft). Descend to Wanla (3'250m, 10'662ft) and visit its small ancient monastery. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 20: Wanla - Lamayuru (4 hours)
    After an easy trek visit the famous Lamayuru monastery (3'420m, 11'220ft) which is the biggest monastery in lower Ladakh and built in the 16th century on the site of a much older temple. The monastery is very well kept and famous for its many colourful wall paintings and the meditation point of Naropa. O/N in tent.
  • DAY 21: Lamayuru - Leh (129Km, by taxi in 4 hours)
    In the morning visit again L amayuru monastery and its magnificent architecture. This monastery consists of several temples of which the Senge Lakhang dates back to the 11th century. Proceed towards Leh by taxi, on the way visit Alchi Choskor one of the oldest and most remarkable Buddhist temples in whole of Ladakh. O/N hotel in Leh.

  • DAY 01: Leh - Lamayuru
    Drive for about Six hours enroute visit the Famous Likir and Alchi monasteries, overnight in Camp 3600mtrs.Alchi: The Choskor, or religious enclave, is one of the most important culture sites in Ladakh build in the 11th Century, it is a treasure trove of early Buddhist art in the Kashmir tradition, a style quite different from the Tibetan art founding Ladakh's other monasteries - also unlike other Gompas it is hidden down by the river rather than in the more usual elevated position, this may explain why it was not destroyed by the various invaders who have passed by through out the centuries, it was constructed under the supervision of Galden Sherab, a follower of Rinchain Zangpo, the man responsible for reviving interest in Buddhism at the time. Alchi is one of the few remaining example of the area.
  • DAY 02: Lamayuru to Wanla: 4 to 5 hours
    Today after breakfast start your trek slowly down along the water channel until the Junction from where you will turn your right gradually up in the tide valley in the busy trail along the green fields and water channel then steep up until top of Pringkitila pass 3700 mtrs then steep down in the Canyon and flat walk along the stream from Shila village to Wanla but you will walk one hour further to a nice camp site at the bank of the Wanla river and to compensate next day long walk. Overnight in camp 3327 mtrs.
  • DAY 03: Wanla to Henju: 4 to 5 hours
    The trek leads you through beautiful village ascending gradually and turning your left when you reach at Phanjila hamlet which is the main junction where you will leave the famous Zansker trail aside and pass through many typical houses of Phanjila and Ursi, Overnight in Camp (3810mtrs).
  • DAY 04: Henju to Sumda: 5 to 6 hours
    Walk ascending up through the zigzag path until the top of the pass-after crossing Kongskila(4907 mtrs) arriving in a small village with a small monastery and nice camp site with view of Stok Kangri, overnight in Camp at 4220 mtrs.
  • DAY 05: Sumda to Lanak: 4 to 5 hours
    Walk on the zigzag path where you will meet many other trekkers passing by or accompanying you in this famous and busy trek after crossing stream we will reach the camp site .Overnight in Camp 4100 mtrs.
  • DAY 06: Lanak to Chilling: 5 to 6 hours
    Walk gradually ascend up to Dun-dun Chan la (4800mtrs) ,from the pass one can have a very nice view of the surroundings and the Zansker range ,fallowing down the stream through the gorge reach the nice village of Chilling near the Zansker river, Visit the old village and monastery, This village was famous for producing some of the best Metal works in Ladakh is believed that the people are descended from Nepalese craftsmen who came to Ladakh in the 17th century to help construct the statue of Buddha at Shey. Today it seems that only one elderly craftsman is still at work and what we produces tends not to be quite as attractive as what was once made here.
  • DAY 07: Chilling to Leh: 3 to 4 hours
    Today your drivers will drive you back to Leh visiting the Phyang and Spituk Monasteries, in about Five hours- overnight in Hotel.

  • DAY 01: Arrive Delhi
    On arrival at Delhi airport meet our executive & transfer to pre booked hotel. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • DAY 02: Delhi - Leh (3500m) by plane
    In the morning catch a spectacular flight for Ladakh. On arrival at Ladakh meet our executive & transfer to hotel. The day is free for acclimatisation, it's necessary to all tourist who is flying from Delhi. By evening one can walk local Market of Leh. Overnight stay at the hotel.
  • DAY 03: Visit of the high Indus valley monasteries
    Shey houses the old summer palace of the kings of Ladakh. Its Gompa shelters an amazing Buddha, 12m high. The picturesque Thiksey monastery is perched on top of the hill overhanging the Indus. The Hemis Gompa is one of the largest in Ladakh. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • DAY 04: Leh - Hemis (3505m)
    In the morning after breakfast drive towards Hemis monastery. Visit the monastery & museum. Overnight stay at Monastery.
  • DAY 05: Hemis - Shang Sumdo (3850m) in 4h
    Today we leave the Indus valley. We descend towards Martselang, then follow the valley, which is fairly narrow in some places, continuing along the riverbed to Shang Sumdo. A short and pleasant stage, in anticipation of the next two long days.
  • DAY 06: Shang Sumdo - Latza Kongmaru (4800m) in 7h
    We progress along the river whose banks are studded with ochre rocks.From Chukirmo village, the track leads into narrow gorges, where ponies need to be unloaded twice, and climb up to the base of Kongmaru La.
  • DAY 07: Latza Gongmaru-Kongmaru La (5030 m) - Langtang Chu (4250m) in 7h
    From the pass, there are great views north towards eastern Korakoram and China, whilst the southern view is dominated by the shapely Kang Yatze (6400m) and the Ladakhi range. We take a ridge trail and descend zigzagging across scree. Afterwards, the path descends easily towards the Nimaling summer pastures and the Markha valley, the most beautiful valley in Ladakh.
  • DAY 08: Langtang Chu - Yakrupal (4700m) in 4h
    We climb up the large valley, and, after crossing a stream, carry on along a wall of moraine.
  • DAY 09: Yakrupal - Zalung Karpo La (5200m) - Sorra (4200m)
    We carry on upwards until the valley divides, where we fork right. From the pass, we follow a ridge trail that leads to another pass, then plunge into the valley.
  • DAY 10: Sorra - Dat (4200m) in 5h
    We follow beautiful woody gorges until they widen into a valley. Manis and shortens are scattered along the trail that leads along the Sara and Dat rivers. Dat is a verdant village, where arable farming uses every inch of land.
  • DAY 11: Dat - Yar La (5000m) - Lungmo Che (4010m) in 6h
    An easy climb takes us up to the pass, where we enjoy a dramatic view over the Rupshu. Sometimes we are overtaken by caravans of "Khyangs", wild donkeys that frighten our ponies.
  • DAY 12: Lungmo Che - Lun (4100m)
    The landscape completely changes, turning into into a vast arid plain where the Zara Chu flows (dry from August on). Tibetan nomads populate the area.
  • DAY 13: Lun - Marang La (5300m) - Takh in 7h
    The path leaves the river and leads up to a beautiful plateau at 4500m. We climb up gently to the last pass. Then it is a long descent towards Takh.
  • DAY 14: Takh - Manali by car
    A long drive to Manali. Crossing the Rohtang Pass(3990m) above Manali, We glimpse the green forested slopes of the Kullu- Manali Valley. Overnight at Hotel.
  • DAY 15: Manali – Delhi
    The day is for relaxed, by evening drive towards by AC Volvo Coach. Overnight journey…
  • DAY 16: Depart Delhi
    On arrival at Delhi transfer to airport.

  • DAY 01: Leh - Lamayuru
    Today we continue to Lamayuru - the starting point for our trek. From Khalsi the road begins a steep ascent involving nearly 30 switchbacks in the last 25 km to Lamayuru. We set up camp in Lamayuru and in the afternoon visit the Lamayuru Gompa. In the 16th century it was declared a holy site in which even criminals could seek sanctuary making it known as a place of freedom! Overnight camping.
  • DAY 02: Wanla (average walking 4 hours)
    Today the trek begins. You are woken with a cup of tea - a pleasure that will continue throughout the trek, (along with three hot meals and warm water for washing!) After a gentle climb we go down a little valley towards the Prinkitla pass (3750m), which we cross after a short climb. From here we descend into a narrow gorge to the village of Shilla. We cross the river and make our way to Wanla. In Wanla there is an interesting monastery belonging to the red sect. A monk from Lamayuru looks after the Gompa. It is a typical village monastery, well worth a visit. Overnight camping.
  • DAY 03: Hinju (average walking 7/8 hours)
    Today we make our way along the Yapola River to the village of Phenjilla where we ascend to a small valley before reaching our camp at Hinju. We also take a rest day in Hinju which gives us an opportunity to explore the surroundings. Overnight camping.
  • DAY 04: Sumdo (average walking 7/8 hours)
    From Hinju we go up the main valley, past the last mountain pasture before making our steep ascent up to the Konzkela Pass (4900m), which affords fantastic views of the surrounding peaks. From the pass it is a long descent to the river below. We continue along the river to our camp at Sumdo. Along the way we can see some blocked up caves used for meditation by Buddhist oracles.Overnight camping.
  • DAY 05: Base of Dundunchenla (average walking 5 hours)
    From Sumdo we carry on in the main valley until we start ascending the Dundunchenla Pass (4800m). We camp at the base of the pass (4400 m). Overnight camping.
  • DAY 06: Chilling (average walking 6 hours)
    Today we continue up to the Dundunchenla Pass. Weather permitting; our efforts in ascending the pass will be rewarded by the beautiful panoramic views! We continue down the steep slope through a valley that continues to narrow until we reach the village of Chilling. Chilling is an interesting little village. The people here are the only ones in the region to work with metals (copper, tin, and silver), making ladles, tcheng, and teapots. Overnight camping.
  • DAY 07: Shingo (average walking 6 hours)
    Today we follow the Zanskar River upstream and then cross the river in a cable cart. We continue on to Skiu village where we follow a gradual ascent through a gorgeous rocky ravine filled with wild rosebushes and trickling mountain streams. We camp just above Shingo village (4400m). Overnight camping.
  • DAY 08: Rumbuk (average walking 7 hours)
    Today we follow a long gradual ascent up to the Gandala (4850m). Weather permitting we should have a fantastic view over the Himalayan peaks. After crossing the pass we descend into another valley. We continue pass Yurutse (a tiny settlement - essentially a large home) and then continue down to our camp near the village of Rumbak. Overnight camping.
  • DAY 09: Khilchay (average walking 5 hours)
    From our camp we continue through this beautiful valley until we begin the steep ascent to the Stok-la (4900m). From this pass we have views of the Stok Kangri Range. We have a short descent to our camp (4200m). Overnight camping.
  • DAY 10: Shepherds camp - Stok Base camp (average walking 5 hours)
    Today it is a gradual ascent of 600 meters to the base camp of Stok Kangri. The landscape is fantastic and we take the afternoon to plan our next day's climb. Overnight camping.
  • DAY 11: Base camp to summit (6100m)
    Early morning a steep climb will take us to the summit of Stok Kangri (6100 m). This peak does not require any technical mountaineering capability; a pair of good boots, crampons, and rope is enough. For those who choose not to climb the peak they can relax at the base camp. After the summit we return to the base camp and continue walking to the Stok village. Our jeeps meet us here and we return to Leh by road. Overnight stay at the hotel.
  • DAY 12: Stok - Leh
    We have a full day free for individual activities. Some people may choose to go for an optional rafting trip, others may want to visit the Tibetan Refugee village in Choglamsar, some may want to visit the gompas at Thiksey and Hemis, and some may just want to explore the bazaars for interesting trinkets. Overnight stay at the hotel.
  • DAY 13: Leh - Delhi
    We return to Delhi by early morning flight. The rest of the day is free. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • DAY 01: Arrive Delhi
    On arrival meet to assistance drive to pre-booked hotel for overnight.
  • DAY 02: Delhi Sightseeing
    After breakfast commence the fullday Old & New Delhisightseeing Am visit Jama Mosque, Red Fort, Rajghat (Cremination Side) & Government Building as India Gate, Parlimament House, & Indian President House. After lunch explor the Humayun Tomb, & Qutub Minar, drive back to hotel for overnight.
  • DAY 03: Delhi / Kalka / Manali (1985M)
    Early morning train to Kallka ETD 0740 hrs Arr. 1200hrs. By Shtabadi Express, on arrival at Kalk train station meet to escort commence drive to Manali 280km/ 7-8 hrs. On arrival check into Hotel. Dinner & overnight at Hotel.
  • DAY 04: Manali
    After breakfast at 0830 hrs, commence half-day tour in & around Manali the "queen of the mountain" situated at an altitude of 1985m. (6730ft) On the west bank of the Bias River, it makes an idyllic stop before heading on over the Rohtang pass the barren mountain landscapes beyond to Lahaul & Ladakh. First we take the excursion to Naggar, 22 kms from Manali, Naggar the former capital of the Kings of Kullu. Perched on a mountainside, the 400-year-old castle, built of weathered wood & stone is now a tourist hotel. It has several stone temples dedicated to Shiva & Mandi. Later also walk up to visit the Rhoerich art Gallery, situated above the village with beautiful paintings. Return to Manali after visit; en route stop to visit the village of Jagatsukh. Rest of the afternoon free to walk around the town to visit three km north is the attractive village of old Manali, its peaceful surroundings, a good view from there the main city of Manali, Vashist, 03 km north-east of Manali, although the main reason for visiting is to soak in the hot springs. The site of ancient temples & the Shiva temple in Shikhara style and nearby old Devi Sharvali temple, dedicated to the goddess Gayatri (a sister of Durga) walk one km from the heart of the town and visit the 600 years old Hadimba Devi temple with a four tiered pagoda shaped roof, a somber, wooden shrine set in a cedar grove. According to the Mahabharata Bhima, who wanted to marry Hadimba, first had to kill cruel demon brother Hadimba that he did in this grove. Another exterior and door covered with handsome carvings received a dubious token of gratitude from the king. He was so enormed with the results, he cut off the artist's hand to prevent him from duplicating another temple that might rival the Hadimba. The influx of Tibetan refugees in Manali has left its stamp on the town. The new Tibetan monastery just behind the bus stop, in an area called model town and adjoining it the Tibetan bazaar, are examples. Farther north from Manali is Kothi, is quite village at the foot of the Rohtang pass. Offering the dramatic views of massive snow-covered peaks. Dinner & overnight at hotel.
  • DAY 05: Manali / Keylong /Jispa(3182M)122 km/06 hrs drive
    After breakfast commence drive to Keylong the capital village of this valley, Keylong is a bustling village & a very interesting market. Walk around Keylong & time permitting walk on the other side of the hill stands the most celebrated monastery of Lahaul called Khardung. Late afternoon drive to Jispa for overnight camp.
  • DAY 06: Jispa / Palamo(Chhalang-Topko)(358 0m) Trek 5 Hrs. (Start the Trek)
    This trek starts from the Himachal region and ends in the Ladakh region. Darcha is a village in the Lahaul valley of Himachal region and is the gateway to the Zanskar valley in the Ladakh region. Trek to Palamo (Chhalang Topko) passing through two Himachal villages Chhika & Rarik, now the road is leading till Palamo bridge, but it is better to do trek till Palamo, not by drive, dinner & overnight camp.
  • DAY 07: Palamo (Chhalang Topko) / Zanskar Sumdo (3750m): Trek 5-6 Hrs)
    The trail gradually ascends till reaching the awesomely beautiful Zanskar Sumdo, which is the meeting point of two water sources. The river here was once dangerous to cross but is now made safe by a modern suspension bridge. The pack cannot cross on it and therefore must be unloaded so that they can swim through the river. This bridge is situated on the boundaries of Zanskar and Lahaul valleys and from here you entire the Zanskar valley. From here ascend a little further to reach Zanskar Sumdo where you camp overnight.
  • DAY 08: Zanskar Sumdo To Chhumiknakpo (4060m) Trek 5-6 Hrs
    Trek towards the stream flowing from Shingo La Pass. The initial stretch towards Shingo La Pass has to be trekked very slowly, as the trail is steep and high altitude. A number of streams have to be crossed on the trail, which are extremely cold and have to be crossed very cautiously and slowly. The first campsite is a pasture called Chhumiknakpo. Overnight at camp.
  • DAY 09: Chhumiknakpo/Lakong (4400m) over Shingo La (5100m) Trek 7 hrs.
    The trail steeply ascends along a stream and then after further ascending across a snow-filled path, reaches Shingo La Pass. From the top of the Pass, there are spectacular views of the peaks of Ladakh. >From this pass, the trail initially descends steeply down till the meadows of Lakong, which is a good camping site at the foot of the Shingo La. overnight dinner & camp.
  • DAY 10: Shepherds camp - Stok Base camp (average walking 5 hours)
    Today it is a gradual ascent of 600 meters to the base camp of Stok Kangri. The landscape is fantastic and we take the afternoon to plan our next day's climb. Overnight camping.
  • DAY 11: Lakong / Kargyak (4060 m) 5-6 Hrs)
    The trail descends along the wide Kargyak River, which is difficult to cross if there has been a lot of snow melting during the day, increasing the depth of the water. After crossing the river, continue down the valley past the beautiful sheer-sided mountain called Gumburanjon (5900m). Kargyak is the first and highest village in this valley. There are good campsites beneath this village.
  • DAY 12: Kargyak / Kuru / Testa / Purne (3745 m) Trek 6-7 Hrs
    The trail gradually descends and runs along little settlements. The houses in this region are very simple compared to the elaborate architecture found in other parts of Zanskar valley. The houses are built below ground level to keep them insulated during the long cold winter months. Trek along these little villages, Kuru or Teta. From herefollow the Kargyak River down the valley till Purne village. This village has a good campsite and one can even take a side trip to Phuktal. Overnight camp.
  • DAY 13: Purni/ Reru / Mune (3650m) Trek 6 - 7 Hrs
    The trek gradually descends through this Buddhist region and you will come across a couple of Chortens on the way. So according to custom, always go from the left side of the Chortens, which are stonewalls with religious inscriptions. Reaching Reru village you find the moterable road from Padum to Reru village. Behind the village one small lake and protected forest area the location is top on a small plateau. Continue along the river until you reach the village and monastery of Mune. The friendly monks show you around the monastery. Dinner and overnight camp.
  • DAY 14: Mune / Padam (3560 m) 6 hrs. (End the Trek)
    The trek runs along the river until reaching the Bardan Gompas, which is one of the oldest Gompas of the region. The friendly monks will show you around the Gompas, which also houses a gigantic prayer wheel, which stands over three meters high. After visiting the monastery, trek down till Padum, which is only a little away. Camp overnight.
  • DAY 15: Padum
    Full day sightseeing by walk to Karsha & Zangla gompas. Rest of the time explores the local village around the Padum. Overnight at camp.
  • DAY 16: Padum / Rangdum. (Start the Trek)
    After breakfast drive to Rangdum (4100m) by covering 140 km. On arrival at Rangdum pitch the tent for overnight. Rest of the day explores the monastery.
  • DAY 17: Rangdum / Suru Valley / Kargil
    Early morning drive to Kargil 7-8 hrs/covering 145 km. Over the Pensila pass (4250m), en-route visit the Nomadic camp, & shepherd houses. Enter the Suru Valley : One of the most beautiful regions of Ladakh , the Suru Valley forms the mainstay of Kargil district. Lying nestled along the north-eastern foothills of the great Himalayan Wall, it extends from Kargil town, first southward for a length of about 75 Kms Upto the expanse around Panikhar, thence eastward for another stretch of nearly 65 kms upto the foot of the Penzila watershed where the Suru valley rises. Its composite population of about 30,000 -- mainly of Tibeti-Darad descent-- are Muslims who had converted their Buddhist faith around the middle of the 16th century. The upper valley reaches of the valley, particularly around the Sankoo bowl, the Panikhar expense and the higher stretch beyond, present a spectacle of breathtaking features-majestic mountain ramparts crowned by snow capped peaks, undulating alpine slopes draining into wild mountain streams of foaming cascades of pristine water, awesome glaciers descending along the Himalayan slopes to the river bed in riverine formation, Quaint villages of adobe houses straggling dry hillocks surrounded by large tracts of lush crops downward the patches of alpine pastures uphill. The beauty of this region is further enhanced by the sheer contrast provided by the towering peaks of Kun (7035 m)and Nun (7135 m) which loom over the skyline in their crystalline majesty. Dinner & overnight at Hotel.
  • DAY 18: Kargil / Lamayuru / Leh (3530 m): (245 km. 7-8 hrs drive)
    After breakfastdrive towards Leh, enroute visit the historical site of Mulbekh. Later continue drive to Lamayuru. Visit Lamayuru monastery. In the afternoon drive further 1 & Half hrs drive to Leh, .........On arrival check into hotel for overnight.
  • DAY 19: Leh Sightseeing
    After breakfast visit Phyang & Spituk, Shanker Monastery PM visit Shanti Stupa and strolling the local market for indivudual activites. Overnight at hotel.
  • DAY 13: Leh Sightseeing
    Full day excursion to visit the most important monasteries of the Indus valley. After breakfast drive toward Hemis around 35 km from Leh, En route visit Shey, Thiksey & Hemis monastery accompanied by local English speaking guide : - Shey was the old capital and the home of the kings of Ladakh before the new capital became established in Leh the palace sits in a strategic position on a spur jutting out into the Indus valley. The main temple contains a large Buddha statue sculpted by Nepalese craft men. Thiksey, this large Gompa is an impressive sight, situated on top of a craggy hill while the rest of the complex sprawls down beneath it. It was founded in the 15th century by Gelukpa monks. On arrival at Hemis visit the richest monasteries in this valley. As his famous annual mosque dance this is very very popular in Leh. After drive to Martselang & trek to Sang Sumdo around 2-3 hrs pitch the tent near by the village & rest of the time explore the village. Late afternoon return to Leh, rest of the day at leisure for shopping etc.
  • DAY 20: Purni /Phuktal Gompa / Purni : (3745m) Trek 5-6 Hrs
    After a leisurely breakfast commence excursion to the most famous & dramatic monastery of Phuktal which in one the most impressive Gompas in Ladakh by covering approx 14 kms. Where the spectacular Gelukpa monastery is situated around a sacred spring that originates from a deep cave. It is a fantastic sight with the monastery buildings built on the face of a rock, while the temple is situated in the cave. Trek back to Purne after visiting the monastery to camp for lunch. Dinner & overnight camp.
  • DAY 21: Leh / Delhi
    Early morning transfer to Leh airport for flight to Delhi (ETD 0735 hrs ETA 0850 hrs). On arrival transfer to Hotel. Day at leisure!!! Overnight at hotel.
  • DAY 22: Delhi
    After breakfast day at leisure to explore the city. Checkout 1200 hrs. Late evening in time transfer to international airport for flight to onward destination.

  • DAY 01: Arrive Delhi
    Arrive in Delhi, Transfer to nearby hotel for few hours..
  • DAY 02: Flight Delhi – Leh
    Early morning transfer to domestic Airport to take flight for Leh. Arrive Leh, transfer to hotel. Day is at complete leisure to get you fully acclimatize with the altitude of Ladakh. Overnight at hotel in Leh. (3500 m)
  • DAY 03: Day hike to upper Leh and accent Shanti stupa as short acclimatization trek.
    Morning hike through the meadows of Leh via Shnti Stupa till Gyamtsa village of upper Leh town,as an option can accent Tsemo Gonapa above Leh on hill crag. Ovenrihg in Leh hotel/Guest hsoue.
  • DAY 04: Sightseeing tour to Shey – Thiksey – Hemis
    After breakfast, drive to Hemis monastery which is 45 km far from Leh and it takes 90 minute drives. The great Mahasiddha Staktsang Raspa along with 35th King Singey Namgyal built this biggest, Drugpa sect monastery. After visiting this monastery, drive back to Thiksey monastery, Visti Gelugpa sect monastery founded by the great Lama Paldan Shesrap in 14th century. It provides imposing view of Indus valley and surrounding wonderful mountains and its snow clad peaks. It houses the exquisite big statue of the Maitreya Buddha (Future Buddha). Later, drive back to Leh via visiting Shey Palace wherein you visit big copper gilt statue of Lord Buddha dating back 1633AD. Overnight at hotel in Leh.
  • DAY 05: Drive Leh – Likir then trek to Yangthang (55 km)
    Morning, after breakfast, drive on Leh-Srinagar highway to Likir, 65 km, 2 hours drives. En-route, you will enjoy the awesome view of confluence of Zanskar and Indus River before Nimo village. Arrive Likir, visit the monastery and start your trek right from the monastery to Yangthang (4 Hours), from the monastery walk in the field few minutes, leave behind the last house of the villages. Enter in an arid terrain, start easy ascending towards the small pass, Phobe La (3978m). Then descend towards Sumdo village, 3 houses, cross the steam (bridge) and enter into spectacular narrow gorge and ascend gradually towards Chagatse-la (3700m). From the pass, view of Yangthang village upon a small plateau, totally isolated from other part of the valley, surrounded by huge marvelous huge mountains. After explore small village and interact with villager. Overnight at camp in Yangthang.
  • DAY 06: Trek Yangthang – Tsermangchan-la (3750m) – Hemis Shukpachan (3/4 hrs)
    Morning: After Breakfast start easy and gentle trek to Hemis Shukpachan, Today you cross another small pass Tsermangchan La (3750m). It can be seen right from the Yangthan village and it takes more than one hour to reach at top. From the top, enjoy the awe inspiring view of panoramic landscape and view of beautiful charming village (Hemis Shukpachan). Cross the pass, easily descend down towards Hemis Shukpachan where approximately 250 families live, After Lunch explore the village. Evening visit local house and spend few moments with Ladakhi family. Good and nice camping site. Overnight at camp. (3500m)
  • DAY 07: Trek Hemis Shukpachan – Mebtak-la (3720m) – Ang (3400 m) – Temisgam
    Morning: After Breakfast, continue trek with easy walk. Pass village and follow the clear trek route upon flat terrain. Steep descent followed by deep gorge and then again you climb a steep slope to the summit of Mebtak-la pass (3720 m). It is little bit difficult but slowly and steadily with zigzag route, it seems easy and it takes about 30 minutes to reach at the top. Enjoy exquisite enchanting landscape and its surrounding wonderful mountains. Cross the pass then easy and gentle trek as far as Ang village then follow the road that leads to Charming Temisgam village. Afternoon visit Temisgam castle built on hill top with attractive view of charming village and enchanting valley. Overnight at camp in Temisgam village. (3550m).
  • DAY 08: Drive Temisgam – Lamayuru – Alchi – Leh ( 156 km)
    Morning after breakfast, drive to Lamayuru, 36 km from Temisgam and is located on the Leh-Srinagar highway. Arrive Lamayuru; visit Lamayuru monastery. This monastery belongs to Digungpa order of Tibetan Buddhism and it says that it was founded by Lama Nyimagung before 11th century. According to history, great Mahasiddha Noropa visited this place in 11th century. The cave where he resided and meditated is still to be seen inside the monastery. After the visit, drive to Leh while enjoying the view of imposing lunar landscape and via visiting Alchi. En-route you pass across several beautiful charming village, beautiful landscape along with the Indus river. Cross Indus before saspol village, this road leads to Alchi village. Visit Alchi monastery, built by Lama Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo (The translator) 1000 years ago. After then continue your journey to Leh, still 68km. Arrive Leh by afternoon. Evening, enjoy hike around Leh Market. Overnight in hotel. (3500m)
  • DAY 09: In Leh
    Day free, Overnight at hotel.
  • DAY 10: Flight Leh – Delhi
    After early breakfast at hotel, transfer to Leh airport for return flight to Delhi. Arrive Delhi, transfer to Hotel. Afternoon, visit Old and New Delhi. Overnight in Delhi.
  • DAY 11: In Delhi / Departure
    Visit or Free. Late evening transfer to International Airport to catch return flight to your home country.

  • DAY 01: Arrive Delhi
    On arrival meet and assist at the Airport followed by the traditional welcome by garlanding and then escorted transfer to your hotel, rest of the day at leisure. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • DAY 02: Delhi - Leh
    Meet on arrival at Leh airport by our Representative and transfer to hotel. Rest of the day for relaxation, this is necessary for getting acclimatized. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • DAY 03: Leh
    After breakfast at the hotel, full day sightseeing tour of Ladakh ancient monasteries such as Shey, Thiksey, Hemis. Evening free to explore the local market. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • DAY 04: Leh – Likir – Yanthang
    After breakfast, we will drive to Likir (3650 meters) from we will start trek towards From Likir the route heads west up to Phobe La (3580m) and beyond this lies Sumdo village. The trail goes steadily upwards till you get to Chagatse La (3630m). Across the pass is the village of Yangthang (3630m). Overnight stay at tents.
  • DAY 05: Yangthang – Hemis Shukpachen)
    In the morning after breakfast, we will start our trek towards Hemis Shukpachen. The trail heads north, descending for a bit, crossing a stream before climbing up west again to Tsermangchen La (3750m). After a short rest at the pass we head down to Hemis Shukpachen. The village, named after the grove of cedars, is one of Ladakh's prettiest. There are several sparkling streams surrounded by shady willows and large barley fields that provide a touch of green to the otherwise desolate, Rocky Mountains. Overnight stay at tents.
  • DAY 06: Hemis Shukpachen – Temisgang
    In the morning after breakfast we start our treks towards Temisgang via Mebtak La (3750 M), from the pass we head down the gorge to Ang. Ang a charming village with apricot orchards. Overnight stay at Tents.
  • DAY 07: Temisgang – khalsi – Leh
    In the morning after breakfast, we will start our trek to Khalsi via Bongbong-La (3700 meter), from Khalsi drive back to Leh. En-route visit Alchi monastery. Upon arrival at Leh, check in at the hotel. Rest of the day is free to explore the local market. Overnight stay at hotel.
  • DAY 08: Leh - Departure
    In the morning after breakfast check out from the hotel, and transfer to the airport to catch the flight for onward destination.

  • DAY 01: Delhi (Arrival)
    Around midnight arrival in New Delhi. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel in New Delhi.
  • DAY 02: Delhi - Leh (by air)
    In the morning we will drive to airport for the flight to Leh and cross over the great Himalayas, the flight is a spectacle in itself. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel in Leh. Today you will acclimatize yourself in this enchanting Ladakhi town.
  • DAY 03: Leh Local Sightseeing
    After a day of acclimatization in this enchanting Ladakhi town, today you will explore the local attractions and the magnificent monasteries of Shey, Hemis and Thikse.
  • DAY 04: Drive Leh – Sumdha (Chilling - 3180mtrs) - Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) (3hrs)
    Get set and go, to start the most exciting trip on the Zanskar River. We Drive from Leh to Chilling to begin with. The road follows the Indus River for an hour to the confluence of Indus and Zanskar River, then fallow The Zanskar River till Sumdha-Do. We then trek for an hour on and off the frozen river to the village of Chilling. We camp near the village or stay in a family house.
  • DAY 05: Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) – Markhala (6 hrs)
    For the next five days we trek up on the frozen river through gorges and deep valleys. There are number of choices for camping, and there for we can make our itinerary during this time as flexible as we like. There are also many caves (locals call it Bawo) which can be used for the night Shelter. The names of the stopping places are listed below. Tonight we camp at Markhala.
  • DAY 06: Trek Markhala to Tip Yokma (6 hours walk)
    Today we start our trek from Markhala & will be walking on ice. During the trek at times we need to give up walking on chadar depending on the condition of chadar and start walking on rock. Dinner and overnight stay in cave / camp. Zanskari People depend entirely on perpetual snows in the mountains as a water source for their farm fields.
  • DAY 07: Trek Tip Yokma to Nirik Pullo (6 – 7 hours walk)
    Trek Tip Yokma to Nirik Pullo (6 – 7 hours walk)
  • DAY 08: Trek Nirik Pullo to Lingshed (3700mtrs) (5-6 hours walk)
    In morning we start our trek from Nirik Pullo. We steep walk till Lingshed village and leave behind chadar. Visit Lingshed village & villagers hospitality. Dinner and overnight stay in camp.
  • DAY 09: Trek Lingshed to Tsarak Do (7 hours walk)
    Visiting the Lingshed monastery in the morning & exploring around. Then start our trek from Tsarak Do. Today it will be a long trek walking for around 7 hours.
  • DAY 10: Trek from Tsarak Do to Pidmo (5 hours)
    We continue on the ice and start our trail from Tsarak Do and walk for about 5 hrs till we reach Pidmo. The gorge ends at Hanamur and the view opens at Pidmo. THe village of Zangla and the old King's Palace can be seen on the opposite bank. During the trek we'll come across Hanumil Village. Overnight in Camp. Wearing rubber boots is the best for 'Chadar Trek' because at times we have to walk on ice with water overflowing.
  • DAY 11: Trek from Pidmo to Zangla (3370mtrs.) (5 hours walk)
    Today a short walk on the road from Pidmo to the village of Zangla. We cross the Chadar by bridge to reach Zangla, where the erstwhile king of Zanskar resides. We will visit the fort and go around the large village. Overnight in Zangla village.
  • DAY 12: Drive Zangla (3370mtrs.) to Stongde (3450mtrs.) and then Karsha (3800mtrs.)
    Today we'll have full day culture tour. Morning after breakfast, drive to Stongde village. Visit beautiful picturesque monastery built on hill top by Lama Marpa 950 years ago. Approximately 60 monks are residing in this monastery. After the visit, continue drive to Karsha (Pair of White i.e., Outer white and Inner white). Visit Karsha monastery. This monastery is the largest of all the monastery in Zanskar and this monastery (Gonpa) was first founded by Great Lama Phagspa Shesrap (the translator of Zanskar). From the monastery, you have amazing and spectacular view of mountains.
  • DAY 13: Drive Karsha (3800mtrs.) to Tsarak Do
    Drive to Karsha from Tsarak Do. After running throught the Himalayan mountains, the Doda river from the north and the Tsarap River from the south meet near Karsha to become one river, which is called the Zanskar River. It flows into the Indus River at Nyemo.
  • DAY 14 - 17: Trek back from Tsarak Do to Tilit Sumdo - Chilling
    Trek back from Zangla till Chilling on same route. The return trek is apparently quicker and easier. On the 19th day evening we will pick you up from Sumdhado and drive back to Leh. Overnight at Hotel in Leh.
  • DAY 18: In Leh Day free at Leh
    One can go for shopping at Leh handicrafts center and in Choglamsar Tibetan handicrafts etc. Overnight at hotel in Leh.
  • DAY 19: Trek Nirik Pullo to Lingshed (3700mtrs) (5-6 hours walk)
    Evening free. Overnight at hotel in Delhi.
  • DAY 20: Depart Delhi

  • DAY 01: Delhi (Arrival)
    In the morning we will drive to airport for the flight to Leh and cross over the great Himalayas, the flight is a spectacle in itself. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel in Leh. Today you will acclimatize yourself in this enchanting Ladakhi town.
  • DAY 02: Delhi - Leh (by air)
    After a day of acclimatization in this enchanting Ladakhi town, today you will explore the local attractions and the magnificent monasteries of Shey, Hemis and Thikse.
  • DAY 03: Leh – Hemis – Shang Sumdo 3700 mts/12135 ft (48 kms/2 hrs)
    Early morning you will drive to Hemis by jeep, visit the Hemis Gompa and start trekking to Shang Sumdo crossing Martselang Bridge, then ascent up valley along the river, crossing it several times before reaching Shang Sumdo. Overnight in the tent.
  • DAY 04: Trek Shang Sumdo – Base of Kongmaru La (4800 mts/15750 ft)
    The route follows through a stunning landscape of red rocks along the slope, then along river till Chuskyurmo (sour water), on through gorges of small rivers many of which need to be crossed before camp is made for the night at the base of Kongmaru la Pass.
  • DAY 05: Base of Kongmaru La - Langthang Chu River (4375 mts/14350 ft)
    Before descending to a high mountain pasture at Nimaling (4700m), we must ascent steeply up to Kongmaru la Pass (5150m), offering a beautiful view of the northern face of Kang Yatse Peak (6400m). From Nimaling up, cross a ridge, then descent to a beautiful valley, cross river, on up again, following a rocky slope up to Konga Ngonpo (5090m), then descend along a very steep route before reaching a campsite near Male.
  • DAY 06: Langthang Chu - Zalung Karpo La (5200 mts/17056 ft)
    After crossing a large stream and a moraine, valley divides an hour later. Continuing to our right, the route goes up and down before reaching Zalung Karpo La. From here you can see the incredible view of Zanskar range, Rupsu Valley and K2 range. Camp on the other side of the pass.
  • DAY 07: Zalung karpo la - Tilat Sumdo
    Start descending from the camp towards the main stream. After an hour arrive at Kharnak Sumdo, a valley coming from the north (route directly north leads to Rabrang La, 5000m.) Follow the gorge, crossing a stream several times before reaching Tilat Sumdo along a rocky route.
  • DAY 08: Tilat Sumdo - A North camp (4450 mts/14596 ft) - Chhar Chhar La 4950m)
    Just after Tilat Sumdo camp, cross Khurna River, continues on its right bank, past couple side valleys. Four hours later as the valley narrows, break camp.
  • DAY 09: A North camp Chhar Chhar La - Zangla Sumdo
    Follow the narrow gorge, past several narrow side gorges, eventually leaving behind the stream. The route follows gently up to the top of Chharchhar La, 4950m. From top follow stream down to Zangla Sumdo.
  • DAY 10: Zangla Sumdo – Zangla – Padum (35 kms drive)
    Continuing down from Zangla Sumdo along the stream, the trail reaches the wide expanse of the Zanskar Valley, with great views of the Zanskar River and the villages of Pishu and Pidmo on the other side of the river.
  • DAY 11: Sightseeing around Zanskar
    The day is for relax and sightseeing. Visit Zhungkhul Monastery, Sani Castle Stongde and Karsha monasteries. Overnight stay in guest house.
  • DAY 12: Padum – Kargil (225 kms/8-9 hrs)
    After early breakfast leave for Kargil enroute visiting Giant Maitreya Buddha at Mulbekh. Arrive at Kargil by evening for overnight stay.
  • DAY 13: Kargil - Leh (Via Lamayuru)
    Post breakfast we drive to Leh enroute visiting Lamayuru, Belongs to Dripung Kagyu (Red Hat) like Phyang. The oldest structure in Lamayuru is the Singey Lhakhang built by the founder of Alchi Lotsava Rinchen Bzangpo in 11th century. After visiting Lamayuru we proceed further to Leh enroute visiting Ridzong Gompa, known as the paradise for Meditation. Upon arrival in Leh you will met by our representative and check in at our hotel for overnight stay.
  • DAY 14: Leh – Delhi
    Transfer to the airport for the spectacular flight across the main chain of the Himalaya to Delhi.

  • DAY 01: Delhi - Manali
    Transfer to railway station for supper fast train to Chandigarh.-3 hours . Arrive Chandigarh, meet upon arrival and drive straight to reach Manali (1920M) by covering 338 kms. Arrive Manali and check into hotel for overnight stay.
  • DAY 02: Manali - Darcha (Jeep)
    Morning after breakfast drive 140 kms to reach Darcha (3400M) via Rohtang pass. Spend some time at the pass to enjoy the beauty around. Continue to reach Darcha by late afternoon. Overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 03: Darcha - Chalang Tokpo (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking to reach Chalang Tokpo (3580M) in about 5-6 hours. This Day's trek is eassy and Gradual all the way. Overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 04: Chalang Tokpo - Zanskar Sumdo - Ramjak (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start an easy trekking to Zanskar Sumdo (3750M). Proceed to Ramjak., total trekking time is approx. 7-8 hours. Overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 05: Ramjak - Chumikanakpo (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking to reach Chumikanakpo 4060 in about 5-6 hours. Climb steeply immediately after the Campsite and then climb gradually upto Chumikanakpo. Arrive and overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 06: Chumikanakpo - Shingola - Lakonng (Trek)
    Morning after an early breakfast start trekking 16 Kms to reach Lakong (4100M) by crossing Shingo La 5100m). The climb to the pass is not difficult but climbing down is quite steep through the Glacier. The Day is quite long and Tiring, 7-8 hours approx. Arrive and overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 07: Lakong - Kurgiak (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking to reach Kurgiak (4060 M) by covering approx. 14 Kms, 6-7 hours approx. Now you will find the diference in the features of the mountains as you are in Zanskar, Arrive and overnight in stay tents.
  • DAY 08: Kurgiak - Purne (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking to reach Purne (3745M) trek for about 5-6 hours. Arrive and overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 09: Purne - Phuktal Gompa - Purne (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking for an excursion to Phutkal Gompa which in one the most impressive Gompas in Ladakh by covering approx 14 kms. Return back to purne and overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 10: Purne - Ichar (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast, cross small Canyons of Pudding stones, which leads to Char village and passing Hanumi and Surle villages. Arrive at Ichar, 5-6 hours approx. Overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 11: Ichar - mone (trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking to reach Mone (3650 M) 5-6 hours approx .Arrive and overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 12: Mone - Padum (Trek)
    Morning after breakfast start trekking to reach Padum (3560 M), 5 - 6 hrs approx. Padum is the old capital of Zanskar. Arrive and overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 13: Padum - Ringdom Gompa (Jeep)
    Morning after breakfast drive to reach Ringdom Gompa (4100 M) by covering approx. 140 kms. Upon arrival visit Ringdom Gompa. Overnight stay in tents.
  • DAY 14: Ringdom - Kargil (Jeep)
    Morning after breakfast drive to reach Kargil (3700 M) by covering approx. 160 kms. Arrive and check into hotel for overnight stay.
  • DAY 15: Kargil - Alchi (Jeep)
    Morning after breakfast drive to reach Alchi by covering 174 kms in 6 hrs approx. En-route visit Lamayuru Monastery. Arrive and check into Guest house for overnight stay.
  • DAY 16: Alchi - Leh (Jeep)
    Morning after breakfast visit Alchi Gompa. After lunch. Proceed to Leh (65 kms) en-route visit Likir Gompa. Arrive Leh in the evening for overnight stay in hotel.
  • DAY 17: Leh - Delhi
    Transfer to Domestic airport in time to board flight.

  • DAY 01: Delhi (Arrival)
    Around midnight arrival in New Delhi. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel in New Delhi.
  • DAY 02: Delhi - Leh (by air)
    n the morning we will drive to airport for the flight to Leh and cross over the great Himalayas, the flight is a spectacle in itself. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel in Leh. Today you will acclimatize yourself in this enchanting Ladakhi town.
  • DAY 03: Leh Local Sightseeing
    After a day of acclimatization in this enchanting Ladakhi town, today you will explore the local attractions and the magnificent monasteries of Shey, Hemis and Thikse.
  • DAY 04: Leh - Phyang)
    Today after having breakfast we visit the Phyang monastery and then start the trek from Phyang village. Gompa Phyang is a traditional monastery setting for a spectacular religious festival with masked dancing. There are 50 red capped monks residing here.
  • DAY 05: Phyang - Lasirmo La - Hunder
    Today we start our trekking excursion from Phyang. The trek passes over the barren and dry landscape as we cross over the highest point at Lasirmo La (5300 M). The high mountain pass offers some spectacular views of the Karakoram, Ladakh and Zanskar ranges. From Lasirmo La, the trail descends into the Nubra valley near Hunder and from here the topology changes into a dry plateau. In the evening we will arrive in Hunder. We have an overnight stay in Hunder.
  • DAY 06: Hunder - Khalsar - Digger
    In the morning from Hunder we will be transferred on our vehicles to Khalsar along the banks of Shiyok River and then by starting the trekking again we pass through some remote villages and finally cross Digger La (5200 M). The high mountain pass offers the panoramic views of both Ladakh and Nubra valley.
  • DAY 07: Digger - Saboo
    In the morning from Digger we will move towards our final trekking destination which is Saboo. Our trek will finish at the Saboo village.
  • DAY 08: Saboo - Leh)
    In the morning after having breakfast we will return to Leh. Upon arrival in Leh you will be transferred to the hotel. The day is at leisure to have rest after a long tiresome journey.
  • DAY 09: Leh
    From our camp we continue through this beautiful valley until we begin the steep ascent to the Stok-la (4900m). From this pass we have views of the Stok Kangri Range. We have a short descent to our camp (4200m). Overnight camping.
  • DAY 10: Leh - Delhi
    In the morning transfer to the airport to board flight for New Delhi. Arrival in Delhi in the afternoon. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to the hotel. The rest of the day at leisure.